Dordrecht obtained city rights in 1220, it is the oldest city in Holland.
The history, wealth and culture is still clearly visible. The historic city center of Dordrecht houses around 1,000 monuments and a historic harbour. Some consider Dordrecht as little Venice, which you will understand during your visit.

Highlights are the Great Church (Grote Kerk), the renowned collection of paintings, which you can admire at the Dordrecht Museum. The gorgeous interior of the old mayor’s house (Huis van Gijn) and the 13th century Augustine monastery (Het Hof).

The Groothoofd, an intersection of three rivers, offers a gorgeous view of the wetland area with the rivers Merwede, Noord and Oude Maas. Dordrecht was an important merchant city with a lively trade.

Villa Augustus restaurant is located in the middle of the vegetable garden in the former pump house. It is open all day. The restaurant is an inspiration for both gardener and chef, as here in the garden, the Dutch seasons can be seen – and harvested – from the early spring to deep in the winter. A little break is possible in The Villa Augustus.

  Duration 2H.

 Walking Tour through this lovely city with your professional guide.

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