Gouda, Cheese and Stroopwafels
Bursting with shops and cafes to explore, a visit is not complete without tasting Gouda cheese and Stroopwafel. Be drawn in by the warm scent of caramel and waffles and indulge in a stroopwafel from a local market vendor. We will stop by one of the quaint boutique stores to pick up your very own handcrafted candle or clay pipe.

So, how do I eat a Stroopwafel?
Put your Stroopwafel on a hot drink. When pouring yourself a cup of coffee or tea at the office, grab a stroopwafel too. Make sure your drink is hot and steamy, and place the waffle on top of your mug. Leave it there for a few minutes until it starts to soften. Turn over if needed, and eat it warm.

First, head to the Market Square and Old City Hall at the heart of the city. There are lots of small restaurants, surrounded by historic buildings and inviting cafes, canals, and art. Gouda used to have a considerable linen industry and a number of beer breweries.

On the  De Waag (weigh house), built in 1667 to weigh goods, especially cheese. The Grote Kerk or St. Jan’s Kerk (the Great or Saint John’s Church), the longest church in The Netherlands, which houses the largest collection of 16th-century stained glass windows in the Netherlands-works of art that really are something to  see.

Gouda’s Stadhuis (City Hall) isn’t just the backdrop for Gouda’s famous cheese market: this 15th century beauty is actually one of the oldest Gothic city halls in the Netherlands. The vivid statues that pose before the limestone facade – the personified values of Wisdom and Constancy. Each December, the city hall is illuminated from inside and out by thousands of candles in the yearly Christmastime event.

  Duration 2H.

 Discover Gouda with a walking tour, including tasting of Gouda cheese and stroopwafels..

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