Undiscovered cities in The Netherlands and Belgium

Amsterdam – undiscovered and very surprising.
For anyone who wants to get to know Amsterdam culturally and architecturally in a versatile way, there are beautiful stories in unexpected, quiet locations.

Leiden – discover the first Dutch TULIP.
Leiden, with the most canals after Amsterdam, home to 13 Nobel Prize winners. A vibrant university city with beautiful museums, beautiful shops and a phenomenal Hortus with the 1st Dutch Tulip by Clausius Clusius.

IJsselmeer – Marken, Volendam, Monnickendam, Zaanse Schans and Edam, Broekerveiling, Broek in waterland.
Historic fishing towns on the former Zuiderzee where the original fishermen’s houses can still be admired. Breathtaking view over the water.

West Friesland – Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Medemblik.
Enchanting 17th century towns and colorful bulb fields. The steam train between Hoorn and Medemblik is a nostalgic experience, the view over the Dutch landscape with beautiful farms and 17th century towns is unique and photogenic.

Breda, Willemstad, Woudrichem and Loevestein Castle
Fortified towns with a joie de vivre and impressive fortifications on the water. Military academy in a castle of the Nassau family. But also tranquil, lush courtyards. Hugo Grotius, who wrote international law, fled from the enemy in a book chest from Loevestein Castle.

Christmas in Holland
You probably don’t think about it, but Christmas in Holland is incredibly unique and special, especially in The Hague, the traditional Christmas market is in a very beautiful, special place with many different original stalls. In addition, Delft, with its historic houses and beautiful canals, is fantastically illuminated. In short, a must do for your group.

The most beautiful cities in Friesland.
Hindeloopen, IJlst, Lemmer, Sloten, Franeker.
Friesland has 2 unique UNESCO World Heritage locations. The Woudagemaal in Lemmer is the oldest working steam pumping station in the Netherlands and is worth a visit. the 2nd UNESCO heritage is the Eise Eisinga Planetarium, which is unique as the oldest precisely functioning planetarium in a typical Frisian house.
IJlst is small and has original over-gardens on its canals.

Deventer, Kampen, Giethoorn, Urk and Hattem
Unique beautiful pearls of cities on the water where time seems to stand still, Kampen, Deventer and Hattem were once important trading cities during the Middle Ages. These charming lovely towns, with typical Dutch facades and their own characters, are fascinating to visit. Urk and Giethoorn are beautifully and lushly located on the water. Deventer is a real book city with the oldest library. In December there is the Charles Dickens festival in Deventer. Urk is a classic fishing village where the community is close-knit.

Gardens travel through the Netherlands and Belgium.
We visit the most beautiful gardens, castle gardens, wine farms with lush estates, sculpture gardens and private gardens.


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