Leiden City Tour

Birth Place of Rembrandt
His most famous painting – the Night Watch – is in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, but the cradle of Rembrandt van Rijn stood in Leiden. By visiting Rembrandt’s birthplace you can see where the most important painter of the 17th century spent his earliest childhood. Rembrandt was born as a simple miller’s son. But it quickly showed that he was not made for a life as a miller. He showed little interest in the academic arts. All he wanted to do was paint. He is known for his ingenious use of light and shadow, and his life like portraits.

University of Leiden
The majestic buildings from the 16th and 17th century in Leiden are also worth a visit. Part of it belongs to the oldest university in the Netherlands and one of the top universities in Europe: Thirteen Nobel Prizes were appointed to Leiden researchers.

Leiden is also known in American history. The Pilgrim Fathers lived in Leiden in the early 17th century before they founded their American colony. There is a small museum about the Pilgrim Fathers in Leiden dedicated to them.

Explore the dreamy canals and the 17th-century houses of Leiden. You can also see the lovely old town gate of the Morspoort.
The fantastic historical buildings and the Laken Museum from the 16th and 17th century are a must see. Also the so called ‘hofjes’, a group of small houses built around a common courtyard.
The cottages were often inhabited by single women (spinsters) who were not allowed to receive men.
One of Leiden’s most famous landmarks, the old fortress dates back to the 11thcentury. Right in the city center, the fortress can be climbed for wonderful views of the old city. Don’t wait any longer and book the Leiden sightseeing tour today!

City Tour Leiden

  Duration 2H.

 Walking tour with a twist and a drink in an original Dutch café.

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